Authenticate Certificates

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Prevent Unauthorised Certificate Issuance

CertiDApp utilizes Elliptic Curve cryptography and Ethereum Blockchain’s immutability, IPFS decentralized file storage to feature transparent verification of certificates.


Durable, Reliable & Secured

CertiÐApp solves the authenticity-related problems using Kerckhoff's Principle of Cryptography. Here, instead of traditionally having complicated and secret certificate printing process, we use a publicly known secure Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) which is used in SSL.


Issue Certificate for any Industry

CertiÐApp uses an advanced technique called RLP to record certificate data on Blockchain. This let’s certificate issuers include any kind of data in the certificate.


Features of CertiÐApp

Customizable certificates as per your requirement, with a feature of adding multiple signatures
No certificate issuing fees charged on CertiÐApp to certifying authority
Your certificate gets stored on Highly Decentralized Secured Ethereum Blockchain

If you are the certifying authority, start creating & issuing certificate seamlessly on CertiÐApp without any charges

Watch this exclusive video to understand what is CERTIDAPP, How it works, And why you should use it too